Monday, February 18, 2013

Closet Organization: Easy Wrapping Paper Storage

I mentioned in my last post that I am on a spring cleaning/organizing/nesting kick right now.  It's amazing how much unneeded junk you find in your house once you start going through closets, drawers and cabinets.  I can't believe how much space we have been wasting just from storing old papers, empty boxes, broken stuff, and stuff we haven't used since we got married (nearly 8 years ago!) Anyway, once you sort out what you actually need from the junk, it can be fun to get everything organized and put away neatly.  One thing I still needed to keep in my hallway closet was wrapping paper.  But my wrapping paper collection looked a little something like this:
The rolls kept falling on the floor and getting tangled up and/or smashed by other things in the closet (usually the vacuum cleaner).  I did have a large plastic wrapping paper organizer, but the wrapping paper never fit in it very well, plus it took up a LOT of space.  So I came up with this genius (if I do say so myself) idea to keep my wrapping paper neatly organized in the same place, and it takes up only inches of space:

I just measured the side of my closet and bought 2 inexpensive tension rods which are easily installed with no nails or screws.  Now all of my wrapping paper is in one place.  It will stay neatly on one side of the closet and won't get in the way of anything else.  And there is room for plenty more, so I can stock up the next time there's an end-of-season sale.  I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of it!  You could also store wrapping paper the same way on the closet ceiling.  Anyway, I am making some good progress on my hallway closet.  It's not completely finished yet, but it's close.  I forgot to take "before" pictures to show how far it's come, but I will still share the "after" pictures when I'm done. ;)


  1. Hi!

    I’m an editor for BuzzFeed and I love your site! We'd love to include a couple photos of yours from this post (with full credit and a prominent link back to this post on your site) in a BuzzFeed roundup smart holiday tricks.

    Would that be OK with you? Let me know, and thanks!

    Natalie Brown

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