Saturday, December 8, 2012

2 Minute DIY Infinity Scarf

This project is so fast, easy and inexpensive, you will feel bad for not making it sooner!  I know I did!  I am actually being pretty generous by saying it takes 2 minutes to make.  It will only take that long if you take your time making it.  All you need is an old, seamless t shirt (preferably size L or larger) and a good pair of scissors.  Make sure the t shirt does not have any seams.  This would not work well if you use a shirt with seams.  If you want a specific color scarf, check out your local thrift store.  They should have every shade of every color of t shirt.  Also keep an eye out for cool patters like this purple tie-dyed one I found at Goodwill.
Step One:
Cut the bottom hem off of the t shirt, then cut across underneath the sleeves, making sure to also cut underneath any wording or designs.
Step Two:
Find a partner and play tug-of-war with the scarf until it is stretched out to the max.  If you don't have a partner, you can loop the bottom of the scarf around your foot and then stretch it over your head with your arms.
That had to be one of the easiest projects I have done yet!

I plan to look for more cool t shirt patterns the next time I go out thrift store shopping.  These scarfs are too cool and too easy not to make!


Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole

This is a wonderful, healthy alternative to a potato casserole.  I grew up eating this as a hash brown casserole, but since I ditched the high-carb diet, I replaced the potatoes with cauliflower, making it a delicious vegetable side dish.

You will need:
2 10 oz packages of frozen cauliflower
2 cups sour cream
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 stick of melted butter (real butter only!)
1 can cream of chicken soup (I make my own)
1/2 cup chopped onions
Salt and pepper
Let the cauliflower thaw just a little.  Cut it into small, hash brown-sized pieces.  Spray a 9x13 pan (or two 8x8 pans) with cooking spray.  Pour the cauliflower into the bottom of the pan.
Meanwhile, mix all of the other ingredients together in a bowl.  Pour them over the cauliflower.  Place the pan in a 350 degree oven and bake for one hour.
Let cool, then serve!

This is a hearty, delicious, cheesy side dish that goes great with fish, steak, or pork chops.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Low Carb Tacos

Before we went on this low-carb, grain-free diet, we ate tacos every Friday.  Needless to say, our family really loves tacos.  So we have been missing our Friday taco nights.  I got this idea from one of my low-carb cookbooks.  It does take some time since you have to make the taco shells one at a time, so make sure you either make them ahead of time or leave yourself plenty of time to make dinner.
You will need LOTS of shredded cheese (about 1/4 cup for each shell), coconut oil, a nonstick skillet (about 6-8 inches), a good quality spatula, and a spoon.
Also, you will need to get a taco shell-cooling station ready before you start.  You'll need a tray or rimmed baking sheet, a sturdy book (the spine should be an inch or so thick) and aluminum foil.  Cover the tray with aluminum foil.  Then set the book up on the tray as shown.  Cover the book with aluminum foil.  And I mean cover it well.  You don't want grease dripping all over it.  You'll end up with a mess and a ruined book.
Start heating your oil in the skillet on medium to medium high heat.  Once the skillet is good and hot, drop about 1/4 cup of shredded cheese in.
Once the cheese starts to get brown on the bottom, flip it over.  I found that it really helps to put the spatula in one hand, and a wooden spoon in the other hand to help get the cheese on the spatula.
Let it cook on the other side for a few minutes.  Then it's ready to take out of the skillet.  Using your spatula and spoon (careful not to touch the cheese!) drape the fried cheese circle over your aluminum foil-covered book.
Let it dry/cool for at least 5 minutes.  The cheese will harden into a taco shell shape as it cools.  You can start making the next shell while the first one cools.
Once the shells are cooled off, start adding taco fillings as you would with regular tacos.
I made us 3 taco shells each, but it turns out they are really filling so we probably could have done with 2 each.  I was really pleased with the way these turned out!  They were really tasty.  I thought the shells tasted a little like Cheezit crackers.  Either way, they were great and I will be making them again!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Homemade Double Down Sandwiches

I have been wanting to try a double down sandwich from KFC for a long time now.  But, every time I go there and ask for a grilled Double Down sandwich they either tell me they can't make it or they give me some other excuse why I can't order it (even though it is on their menu).  The fried version just isn't healthy enough for me.  Too many carbs and it's not grain free.  I figured even if I could manage to order one, I could make my own cheaper and much healthier version of the sandwich.  Turns out, I was right! 
All you need are some chicken breasts (I used the cutlets), bacon, and cheese.
First, you will need to flatten the chicken breasts.  This is the fun part!  Put them on some kind of tray or rimmed baking sheet.  You will want to cover them with something so the raw chicken juice doesn't splatter all over the place.  I used parchment paper, but I'm sure you could use wax paper, plastic wrap, or maybe even aluminum foil.  Pound them down very thin with a meat hammer (this is a great way to take out your daily frustrations!)

I found that once I flattened the chicken cutlets, they were a little on the large side, so I cut each of them in half.  Bake them in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 400 degrees.
While the chicken is cooking, fry up the bacon on the stove.
Once the chicken is done, place a piece of cheese on one side of each chicken "bread."

Put one or two slices of bacon on each sandwich.  Put the other piece of chicken "bread" on each sandwich.  The result is a very healthy, high protein, carb-free sandwich that is also very filling.  These were very tasty and I have added this recipe to our regulars!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Water Saving Tip

Not long ago I mentioned that I have been trying to find new ways to save money.  For example, I recently posted about making reusable tissues.  There are a lot of small things you can do that can add up to a lot of savings.  This is a super easy tip that I had heard of before, but never really got around to doing it.  I saw it again on Extreme Cheapskates and I decided to go ahead and try it out.  They say it saves $8 per month and $100 per year.  Multiply that by the number of toilets you have in your house and that is your yearly savings.  So according to those calculations, I can save up to $200 just by using this simple trick.  It may not be a whole lot in the span of a year, but wouldn't you rather keep that money than give it to the water company?  I sure would!
All you need is a brick or large rock.  Chances are you already have one around your house somewhere.  If not, Home Depot sells them for $0.49 each.  Take the top off your toilet tank.  Place the brick inside (make sure to put it away from the mechanisms, otherwise it could knock them out of place, causing the toilet to not work properly).  Put the top back on.  That's it.
The brick in the toilet tank takes the place of the extra water, causing the toilet to use less water per flush, which saves water, and that saves you money.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Low Carb Pumpkin Sausage Soup

This is one of my favorite new recipes.  I originally found the recipe here, but I adapted it a bit.  This recipe is low carb, sugar free, dairy free, grain free and gluten free.  The original recipe calls for mushrooms, but I'm not a fan of mushrooms, so I left them out, but I added a few other veggies.  Also the original recipe is made on the stove, but I adapted it for a crock pot.
1 lb mild pork sausage
4 cups (1 32 oz carton) chicken broth
1 15 oz can pumpkin puree
1/2 medium onion, chopped
1 green pepper cut into small pieces
1 cup carrots, chopped
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp Italian seasoning
salt and pepper
Cook the sausage in a pan and drain off the fat, if any.  Add chopped onions.  Pour into crock pot.  Add all other ingredients and stir.  Cook on low for 6-8 hours.
I have made this twice already and I absolutely love it!  I could make it every week.  I get excited when I make this, not only because it's a crock pot recipe that I don't have to worry about making, but also because it's delicious and super healthy.  It makes about 8 1-cup servings, but trust me, you will probably eat at least 2 servings!  And we always have a ton left over.  It tastes great when you reheat it the next day.  Let me know if you try it and what you think of it!

Easy Carpet Stain Remover

Our house doesn't have a lot of carpet.  In fact, it is all hardwood floors except for our spare bedroom.  Last week I was working on cleaning up and organizing our spare bedroom, and I found this stain underneath a basket full of craft supplies:

No one knows what it is or where it came from.  It wasn't there when I put the basket there a year or two ago, and all that was in the basket is yarn.  So anyway, I thought I remembered seeing a pin on Pinterest about removing carpet stains.  Sure enough, I was right.  I followed this link to find an easy recipe for a miracle carpet cleaner using things that most everyone already has in their house.
All you need is a small bowl/container, hydrogen peroxide, blue Dawn dish detergent, and an old toothbrush or other scrub brush.
I poured a little bit of peroxide into a bowl, and then squirted some Dawn in.  I used an old toothbrush to mix it up, and then I started scrubbing at the stain.  It didn't even take much scrubbing; the stain came out almost instantly.  I scrubbed for an extra long time just to make sure I got it good and clean.  Then I took a rag and some hot water and washed the soap out of the carpet.  Here is what it looks like now:

Not too shabby, huh?  So remember this for the future: Don't spend money on rug shampoos or for professional carpet cleaning when you can get stains out so easily (and cheaply) by yourself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reusable Tissues

I have been really inspired by Extreme Cheapskates on TLC.  Of course, a lot of the stuff people do on that show is just a little crazy, but then again that's why I like that kind of show.  There was one woman on the show who, instead of buying toilet paper, cut squares out of fabric and kept them in her bathroom where the toilet paper would go.  She had her family use the "reusable toilet paper" and then throw it in a bucket next to the toilet so it could be washed and reused.  While I can't bring myself to do that (I have more of a problem with the bucket of used t.p. sitting next to the toilet than with the reusable t.p. itself) it did inspire me to come up with this idea for reusable tissues.  And yes, I have heard of handkerchiefs so I know I didn't actually come up with the idea of reusable tissues.  I wouldn't exactly call these "handkerchiefs" but you'll see why.
What you will need:
Old t-shirts or other cotton fabric
Empty wipes container
Our thrift store has t-shirts as cheap as $0.09, so I went hunting for some.  I only found 3 this time, but the price was right so I bought them.  BTW, I decided to stick with the same color.  I have some old t-shirt rags that I use for cleaning, and I didn't want to get the tissues mixed up with the same scraps I use for cleaning.
Then you will need to cut the t-shirts into squares.  A regular tissue is 8 in x 8in.  I found that 8 x 8 inch squares didn't fit so well in my wipes container, so I cut them down to 8 x 7.  They don't have to be exact, you're just going to blow your nose on them anyway.
I got about a dozen tissues out of each t-shirt.  Plus I had a couple of other small scraps of cotton that I cut up.  So I ended up with about 40 tissues.  Fold each one in half and put them in a stack.

Then take a regular wipes container (or other container of a similar size)
And decorate it however you want.  I covered mine with mod podge and some denim scraps from jeans I had cut off at the beginning of the summer.
Put your stack of tissues inside the container.

And now you have a box of tissues that you can wash and reuse, for less than the price of a disposable box of tissues!  These are even better than regular tissues because they won't tear, and they are thicker so you won't need to use as many.  You could even make multiple boxes and keep them around your house like you would with regular tissues.  Just use them, throw them in the laundry, wash, fold, and put back in the container.  I know tissues don't cost a lot, and most people only use them when they're sick, so it may not save a whole ton of money, but no matter how small the amount, I would rather keep it than waste it on something you're going to throw away.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

Now that Thanksgiving is fast approaching, I have been getting a little nervous.  I have been nervous because you can't have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, but I can't have pumpkin pie now that I gave up carbs, grains and sugar.  But thankfully (no pun intended) I found this recipe on Pinterest, and I tweaked it a bit.  Not only is it low carb and sugar free, it is also grain free, dairy free, Paleo-approved, and gluten free. 
Just to warn you, it is a crust-free pie.  But I don't miss the crust.  To be honest, I always throw the crust out anyway.  Here are your ingredients (I also wanted to mention that I had each and every one of these ingredients in my fridge/pantry and didn't have to go out to the store to buy any of them.)
1 15 oz can pumpkin
1 1/2 cup coconut milk
3 eggs
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
3/4 cup stevia
1 tsp vanilla
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Put all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.  Pour into a greased pie pan.  Bake for 50-60 minutes or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.
Slice and serve with a spoonful or 4 of whipped cream.  Yumm!!!
**I was going to take more pictures of my delicious pie, but it didn't look very picture-perfect on my plate.  But that's ok, I got at least one picture of it, and the taste makes up for lack of pretty pictures.**

Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Scarf Organizer

I have been collecting more and more scarves lately.  I finally acquired enough scarves that I was in need of something on which to hang them.  First I found this scarf organizer at Bed Bath and Beyond, but I didn't need it bad enough to spend $8 on it.  Then I found a DIY scarf organizer on Pinterest using a hanger and shower curtain rings.  That would mean I have to go out and buy shower curtain rings.  Yeah, that wasn't gonna happen.  So I created my own cheap (free) version of the DIY scarf organizer.

Start with a hanger.  Find one that has the little hangy-hooks on each side as pictured.
Then you'll need a few rubber bands.
First, stretch a rubber band horizontally from one of the hangy-hooks to the other.
Then start stretching the other rubber bands across the hanger vertically, lining them up evenly.
Take your scarves and loop them through the holes.  Hang and store.  That's it.
OK, so I know I'm being kind of cheap here, but it wasn't something that I wanted to spend money on, so I found a way to make something to fit my needs for free.  Isn't that what being frugal is all about? ;)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fruit Cup Halloween Treats

One day last week, we had to bring the snack for Angie's preschool class.  I remembered seeing something on Pinterest awhile back that I knew would be cute and easy.  I actually saw the idea here, but it's so easy that directions really aren't necessary.  All you need are those little fruit cup packages (anything orange will work, but I used mandarin oranges) and a black sharpie.
Simply draw faces on the tops of the fruit cups.  I wanted to make all of them look different, so I just looked up "jack-o-lantern faces" on Google Images to get some ideas.  Here is what I came up with:
A really cute, easy, healthy Halloween-themed snack that kids love.  It was the perfect snack for a class of 3 year olds!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Candy Corn Paper Clip Earrings

These are a really cute, easy, inexpensive fall craft.  I originally got the idea for paper clip earrings from Evie S., but I put a fall twist on them and made them into candy corns.  All you need are:
2 paperclips
Embroidery floss in orange, yellow and white
Glue stick
Earring hooks
Jump rings
Open up the paperclips to make triangle shapes.
Next you will need to wrap the embroidery floss around the paperclips.  First, apply some glue to the paperclip with a glue stick.  I find that a glue stick works well because it makes the thread stick without making a big mess.  Wrap white floss around the top part of the paperclip, and yellow around the bottom as shown:
Once the paperclip is wrapped all the way around, apply more glue to the sides, and start wrapping all the way around the earring (from side to side of the triangle).  Start at the top with white thread and wrap 1/3 of the triangle, then switch to orange thread.  Wrap the middle 1/3 of the triangle, then switch to yellow until you have reached the bottom, gluing all the way.  You may need to use a needle to hide the ends of the thread inside.  Then attach the earring hooks with jump rings.
And that's it.  Really quick, easy and cheap.  It's an easy way to make a cute pair of fall earrings to wear.  It would also be a fun craft to make with little girls.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Homemade Beef Jerky

Recently I have discovered Wellness Mama and have really been enjoying her blog.  It's extremely informative and eye-opening.  I have mentioned in the past how I have struggled with weight and other health issues such as PCOS and insulin resistance.  I have always thought that the reason it's so hard to lose weight and be healthy in general is that there are so many different theories out there regarding what is healthy and what isn't.  Her blog doesn't necessarily follow the norm of what we've been told is healthy all these years, but after reading the facts and the reasoning behind the theories, it makes perfect sense to me.  Personally, I have been doing what "they" say is healthy for years now, and it's not working.  Therefore, our house is going grain-free.  In addition, we are beginning to change the products we use to natural and chemical-free. 
That being said, I will be posting a lot more healthy, low-carb, grain-free recipes as well as recipes for DIY natural health and beauty and cleaning products.  This is one recipe that I got from Wellness Mama.  Here is the original link.
I have always been pretty picky about beef jerky, mostly because it's hard to find a brand/flavor that I like.  Recently I discovered Simms Beef Jerky, which you can buy at Aldi.  Not only is it moist and delicious, but it has a wonderful sweet flavor to it.  But even at Aldi's prices, the cost adds up quickly.  Plus, it contains additives and extra sugar and carbs that I don't need.  The thought of making my own beef jerky had crossed my mind before, but I had no idea it was this easy.
Here is what you'll need:
Ground beef (preferably 20% fat or less)
Spices of your choice
Baking sheet with a rim
Large mixing bowl
Put the ground beef in a bowl.  Add whatever spices you want.  Using clean hands, mix the meat with the spices.  (I used some of my homemade taco seasoning in this batch)
Next, line your baking sheet with aluminum foil and spray it with cooking spray.  Spread the meat over the baking sheet.  You can use a rolling pin for this step, but it's not necessary.
Use a knife or pizza cutter to cut into pieces (this will make it easier to break into pieces when it's done)
Set your oven on its lowest setting.  Mine is 200 degrees.  Put the baking sheet with the meat on it in the oven.  In about an hour, it will look like this:
But don't get too excited, it still has a long way to go.  Cooking times vary based on the temperature you are cooking at and how much meat you are cooking.  Mine took about 6-8 hours to cook at 200 degrees.  Did I mention you will want to do this when you're not planning to leave the house?  It's a good idea to check it often so you don't overcook it.  Also, you will need to flip it about halfway through.  Plus, if you see any grease/fat accumulate on the baking sheet, it will need to be drained.
Once your beef jerky is done, let it sit on the baking sheet to cool.  It will also dry out a little more as it cools.  Then, break into pieces and enjoy!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dip-Dyed Candy Corn Shirt

This idea was a long time in the making.  I actually first thought of this last fall... I thought, Gee it would be nice to have a fall-themed shirt to wear to fall events, such as Trunk or Treat at our church, HallZOOween at the Zoo, etc.  But then I got too busy and didn't get around to making one.  My original thought was to buy 3 similar shirts in orange, yellow, and white, and then cut them up and sew them back together to make one shirt.  But while I can sew, it's not my strong point, and I came up with this idea instead which seemed much easier (not to mention cheaper).
This was not my first experience using fabric dye (see some of my other projects here and here).  But it was my first experience with dip-dying.  The only difference is that you have to be creative and find a way to hang the shirt in a way that only the part you want dyed hangs down in the dye bath.
Here is what I started out with:
One $6 cotton shirt and 2 $2.29 boxes of fabric dye in yellow and orange.  That's a total cost of $10.58, which is much better than $18 (what my original idea would have costed). 
You will also need a plastic container larger than 3 gallons, plastic gloves, salt, and a large spoon that you can designate for projects such as these.  It helps to have several large disposable plastic containers.  I used gallon jugs. 
Start by placing your large plastic container in a utility sink or other area that you don't mind getting dirty or possibly dying another color.  Add 1 cup of salt and the yellow dye packet to the gallon jug.  Then add 4 cups of very hot water and mix well.  Add to the large plastic container.  Then add 2 more gallons of very hot tap water.  Use the spoon and mix well.
Hang your shirt so that the bottom 2/3 hangs in the dye bath.  (Don't mind my icky basement sink).
Use the spoon to stir the dye bath.  Try to keep the fabric moving around as much as possible so that it dyes evenly.  After 10 minutes, remove the shirt and dump out the dye bath.  Put on your rubber gloves and rinse the shirt out until the water runs clear.  Be careful only to rinse the part of the shirt that has been dyed, otherwise you may accidentally dye the top part of the shirt too.  Once the shirt has been rinsed thoroughly, run it through the washer on regular cycle with warm water.

Then, you are going to repeat the steps to create the second dye bath with the orange dye.  Mix the dye up the same way, with 1 cup of salt and 4 cups of hot water, and add 2 more gallons of hot water.  This time, hang your shirt so that the bottom 1/3 hangs in the dye bath.

Again, stir the dye bath to keep the fabric moving.  This time, you will need to keep the shirt in the dye for 30 minutes.  Then, dump out the dye bath and rinse the shirt until the water runs clear. 
Then you will need to wash the shirt again.  To avoid bleeding the orange dye onto the rest of your shirt, hang your shirt so only the bottom 1/3 hangs in the washer.  Let it hang that way until your washer requires you to close it to go any further.  Then take it off the hanger and let the washer run through the cycle.
Hang up your shirt to dry.  You are now done.  What a cute shirt to wear to trick or treat, apple picking, hayrides, etc!  You can also use this same technique on a child's shirt or dress.  My only problem is I accidentally bought a shirt that was at least one size too big.  Whoops.  Oh well, better too big than too small. 


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar Astringent

I tried this out about a week or so ago, and it works so well, I had to share it.  I am always skeptical when I see new and different skin treatments because it seems like when I try something new, it's mediocre at best.  I have had lifelong skin issues, mostly due to having PCOS.  Sometimes it's worse than others, but I have always had problems with oily skin, breakouts, and red splotchiness.  I originally saw this on a pin on Pinterest which I can't find now, but it's so easy I remembered how to make it off the top of my head. 
You mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water.  I use the raw, unfiltered kind of apple cider vinegar, which you should be able to find in the Organic/Health food section of the grocery store.  I'm not sure if it would still work as well with the regular kind. 
You can use just about any kind of bottle to keep it in, as long as it has a small-ish screw-on lid.  I looked in my bathroom closet and saw that I had 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol open, so I just poured what was left of one into the other.  Then I removed the labels with a hair dryer, cleaned and dried the bottle, and poured the ACV and water in with a funnel.  Then I labeled the bottle.
I have been using it twice a day.  I give it a good shake before using it, then I put some on a cotton round and apply to my face.  I could tell a difference as soon as I started using it.  My face felt really soft and clean.  And then within a few days, I could tell even bigger differences.  My face is no longer breaking out, and even the red splotches are fading.  Trust me, this stuff works wonders!  And, on top of that, it's non toxic, and it's super cheap.  What more can you ask for?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bean Bag Chair Yarn Storage

I was inspired to create yarn storage out of a bean bag chair cover by this post that I recently saw on Pinterest.  The post suggests using an empty bean bag chair cover to store stuffed animals.  Well, Angie already has a really good place to store hers, so I really couldn't use the idea.... or could I? 
A few days after seeing that pin on Pinterest, this idea popped into my head.  I remembered my mess of a craft room (which, I am slowly and steadily converting into an organized space... but there is still a huge pile of random craft supplies and Hobby Lobby bags on the floor) and particularly the trash bag in which I store most of my yarn.
I don't know what made me think to put my yarn in there, but why not?  Seems like yarn would be less lumpy than stuffed animals... and it satisfies a need for storage as well as seating.  Not to mention it's super cool that I have a great place to keep all of my yarn now and no one will ever know it's there!  I found this bean bag chair cover at Bed Bath and Beyond (which, oddly enough, appears to be the same one from the post about the stuffed animal storage)

I opened up the zipper, and one by one I put each piece of my yarn collection inside.
Then I closed it up and neatly placed it in the corner.
So excited about this!  How cool is it that all of my yarn is now out of the way AND out of sight?  And I have a cute little bean bag chair in the corner that I or Angie can sit in, and only I need to know that it's filled with yarn.  Plus all of my yarn can be easily accessed with a simple pull of a zipper!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weight-Loss Wednesday: 3-Day Diet

I recently found the 3-Day diet on Pinterest.  At first, I was really excited.  Then I was really frightened.  There is no way I can do this, I told myself.  The more I looked at it, the more I realized that it's very, very little food.  Much less than I eat in a day.  Then I thought about how I feel physically ill when I'm hungry, and that made me think that I couldn't do it even more so.  But then again I thought, it's only 3 days.  I was really skeptical, mostly because of my past history with diets.  But I decided to bite the bullet and try it.  I kept a diary of my experience and I also took pictures of all of the meals, which you will find below.

According to the original link, this diet is based on chemical breakdown.  You must eat exactly what is listed.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It was created by a military person in order to lose pounds/get in shape quickly.  Personally, I don't really have a reason to have to lose pounds quickly, other than the fact that I have been dieting and exercising religiously for the past year and a half with little to no results and I'm desperate to find something that works.  Anyway, the diet is safe and can be repeated after a 4-day break.  It doesn't say that exercise is required, but I am sure it doesn't hurt.  I exercised each day of the diet, but I just made sure not to overdo it.  I walked on my treadmill for 30 minutes each day at a medium-fast pace.  With the small amount of food you will be eating, you may not have a whole lot of energy to exercise.
A note about water: it is the only thing you are allowed to drink on this diet (other than coffee or tea on day one if desired).  I recommend drinking at least a gallon of water each day.  It helps somewhat with the hunger.  Not to mention it's very good for you.

Any other questions, please REFER TO THE ORIGINAL LINK.  Thanks!

No eating between meals
No substitutions
No seasonings other than salt and pepper

Day 1:



Day 2:



Day 3:



My Experience on the 3-Day Diet
Day 1:
I put off eating breakfast for as long as possible.  I ate my breakfast at 11:00.  It was actually a fairly satisfying breakfast.  Half of a grapefruit... this was the first time I had ever eaten grapefruit without any kind of sweetener on top, but hey, it wasn't bad.  2 tbsp of peanut butter was actually too much for one piece of toast though.  But I still slathered it on there and ate it since the diet says to eat everything on the list exactly as it's written.
Then 2:00 rolled around and it was lunchtime... ok, that was disappointing.  A piece of toast with tuna on top.  Yes, it's edible, but really, is that all?

Then came the most challenging part of the day.  The 5 hours between lunch and dinner.  I did manage to exercise for 30 minutes during my lunch break...since I didn't have to spend a lot of time eating anyway.  I was EXTREMELY hungry the entire time.  Then I started feeling very weak, shaky, and lightheaded.  But I just kept telling myself that eating was not an option.  Nope, not until dinner time.  Ahhhhh... dinner.  Even though it was almost all healthy food, I was sooooo happy to eat it.  And look at that plate of food, it's actually quite a bit of food to eat for being on such a strict diet.  I guess they're making up for the agonizing afternoon of nothing.  And you get to eat ice cream too!  Honestly, I felt pretty guilty about the ice cream.  But hey, the diet says you have to eat it, and who am I to disobey the diet?  Okay, okay, I'm lying a little bit here.  As you can see, that is broccoli on my plate, not green beans like the diet says.  I am sure that just about everyone will have at least one thing on the list that they absolutely cannot tolerate.  For me, that thing was green beans.  Surprisingly, I liked everything else on the list (except for coffee and tea, but luckily that was optional).

Oh, and another note about today: I had no problem whatsoever drinking the gallon of water that I put in the fridge the night before.  I just drank the water whenever I felt hungry (which was pretty much constantly).  I really don't know whether or not it helped because I was still extremely hungry, but maybe I would have felt worse if I didn't drink it, who knows.  If I could describe the first day of this diet in one word, it would be KILLER.

Day 2:
I woke up feeling okay today.  I really wasn't going to weigh myself, but I saw the scale sitting there and I just did it.  Boy, was I glad I did.  I lost SIX, count them, SIX pounds in that first day.  When I first read about this diet and it said you can lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days, I was very skeptical.  I thought, if normal people can lose 10 pounds, maybe I could lose 2 or 3.  It's better than nothing.  Because diets normally don't have the same effect on me that they do on others.  But it was very refreshing and encouraging to know that all of the agony I went through yesterday paid off.  I am still skeptical about how the rest of this diet is going to go... will I continue to lose more weight?  And will I be able to keep it off?  I guess we will see.  You have to understand my past history with diets and why I don't trust them. 
Anywho... breakfast this morning was okay.  It was about the same amount of food as yesterday. 
Lunch was actually a little more food than yesterday.  And since it was a high-protien lunch, it made it a little easier to make it to dinner time.  (I said a little easier... still not easy though).  I do like cottage cheese... I know not everyone does, but I like it.  I don't usually eat a whole cup of it at a time though.  It's one of those foods that I can only take in small amounts.  So one cup was a bit difficult to choke down, but I did it. 

I again walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes today.  I made it to dinner... to be honest, I was a bit irritable by dinner time due to the lack of food.  But I made it.  And dinner actually wasn't too bad tonight.  Plenty of fruits and vegetables, hot dogs and ice cream, yum!

Day 3:
I went ahead and weighed myself this morning since I had such good results yesterday.  Maybe that wasn't such a good idea.  I weighed one pound more than I did yesterday morning.  Even after starving myself all day.  I have no idea how that happened.  Even if you take into account the "water weight" from drinking a whole gallon of water in one day, it seems like I should not have weighed one pound more first thing in the morning.  But oh well... we will see what the final results are tomorrow morning.  I have to say today was easier than Day 1 but harder than Day 2.  Because the allowed food today, well, it stinks.  It is much less quantity than the first 2 days.  And in my opinion, it was less quality too.  The only meal I actually enjoyed today was breakfast.
 Lunch was kind of a joke... one hard boiled egg and one dry piece of toast?  Are you kidding me? 

But guess what... I did it.  I managed to eat only the food that was allowed today (not to mention ALL THREE DAYS of the diet).  I almost gave in at dinner time tonight.  I started to think... I made it this far, eating a regular dinner isn't going to make a difference now.  Plus I wasn't looking forward to eating all of that dry tuna.  I love tuna, but this diet was the first time I have ever eaten it plain with nothing else mixed it.  Let's just say I like it better as casserole or salad.

The bottom line is... I really did not think I was going to be able to do this diet.  BUT I DID!!  And if I can do it, believe me, ANYONE can.  I still don't know how I managed to do this for 3 days, let alone 3 hours.  I endured extreme hunger pains, weakness, shakiness, diziness, and a persistent headache due to food withdrawal.  I honestly felt like I was going to die that first day.  I knew I would feel better if I ate, but I reached deep inside myself and found willpower and strength that I didn't know I had.  I decided that I wasn't going to give in.  Because I realized something... hunger is a bully.  It tells me to eat, or else it's going to beat me up and make me feel crappy.  And I have been giving into that bully for years and years now.  I finally realized that I don't have to give into my bully.  I can stand up to it and say NO.  I know more than anyone, it's much easier said than done.  This was one of the toughest things I have had to do.  But it is possible.
Now I know what I am capable of.  I was able to complete the 3-day diet successfully.  And by the end of 3 days, I LOST 9 POUNDS.  How satisfying is that?  I plan to keep repeating the diet as directed (3 days on, 4 days off) to keep losing weight.  Hopefully it will continue to work, as I have a lot more weight to lose.  But I am very happy with the results of this diet.  It gave me hope that there is something that will work for me.  It gave me a boost of confidence and self esteem.  And it left me 9 pounds lighter. ;)