Monday, September 3, 2012

Bean Bag Chair Yarn Storage

I was inspired to create yarn storage out of a bean bag chair cover by this post that I recently saw on Pinterest.  The post suggests using an empty bean bag chair cover to store stuffed animals.  Well, Angie already has a really good place to store hers, so I really couldn't use the idea.... or could I? 
A few days after seeing that pin on Pinterest, this idea popped into my head.  I remembered my mess of a craft room (which, I am slowly and steadily converting into an organized space... but there is still a huge pile of random craft supplies and Hobby Lobby bags on the floor) and particularly the trash bag in which I store most of my yarn.
I don't know what made me think to put my yarn in there, but why not?  Seems like yarn would be less lumpy than stuffed animals... and it satisfies a need for storage as well as seating.  Not to mention it's super cool that I have a great place to keep all of my yarn now and no one will ever know it's there!  I found this bean bag chair cover at Bed Bath and Beyond (which, oddly enough, appears to be the same one from the post about the stuffed animal storage)

I opened up the zipper, and one by one I put each piece of my yarn collection inside.
Then I closed it up and neatly placed it in the corner.
So excited about this!  How cool is it that all of my yarn is now out of the way AND out of sight?  And I have a cute little bean bag chair in the corner that I or Angie can sit in, and only I need to know that it's filled with yarn.  Plus all of my yarn can be easily accessed with a simple pull of a zipper!


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