Saturday, May 5, 2012

Make Your Own Drink Mix Packets

Lately, since I stopped drinking pop, I have been using a lot of these "singles to go" drink mix packets.  It wasn't long before I realized that you can make your own healthier, cheaper drink mix. 
All you need is one cup of sugar or Splenda and one Kool-Aid packet. (Multiply this recipe as needed).
I mixed them together in a bowl and then stored them in a empty peanut butter jar that I had cleaned out and repurposed.

One drink mix packet is equal to one teaspoon, so to get the equivalent, you mix one teaspoon of the homemade drink mix with the desired amount of water.  The jar works good for making drinks at home, but I also had to come up with a way to take them on the go.  So I used this old pill sorter.  I put one teaspoon of my homemade drink mix in each compartment, so whenever I want to use one, I just empty one compartment into my drink.  (If you are worried about the drink mix spilling into your bag, you can put it inside a Ziploc bag).

One package of 8 drink mix packets costs between $1-2, making them as much as $0.25 each.  I calculated the cost of mine to be $0.09 each.  This cost would be much less if you used sugar instead of Splenda.  Also, I am not sure what kinds of additives (if any) they use in the store-bought packets, but when you make your own, you don't have to wonder about what else they put in them!

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