Thursday, June 14, 2012

Homemade Lip Gloss

I am a lip gloss junkie.  I always buy the multi-packs of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers and I keep them all over my house.  Lipsmackers has always been my favorite, but it can get expensive buying multi-packs costing $1 or more per lip gloss.  I have tried other homemade lip gloss recipes before, but they were complicated, they had a lot of hard-to-find ingredients, and to be honest I didn't really like the results.  Lately I have been discovering the benefits of coconut oil.  It can be used for just about anything under the sun.  You can find a list of a gazillion uses for coconut oil here.  One of those uses is lip gloss.  But rather than use straight coconut oil, I needed it to have a yummy scent.  So here's what I used:

1 cup coconut oil
1 packet Kool-aid drink mix
24 round bead organizers (These can be found in the bead/jewelry section of any craft store)

Melt 1 cup of coconut oil in a glass measuring cup.

Mix in a Kool-aid drink mix packet of your choice.
Carefully pour the mixture into the bead organizers.

Let cool.  I recommend putting them on a plate or tray and putting in the fridge.  This way, it will only take about 30 minutes for them to harden.  Otherwise it will take several hours.

This is what they look like all done:

Now I have several nice, all-natural lip glosses with a delicious cherry scent!  I am so excited to use all of these, not to mention it will save $!

P.S.  For best results, keep these in the fridge when you are not using them.

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