Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tub and Shower Magic

I was cleaning my shower yesterday.  As I noticed the soap scum-covered shower doors that I always end up scrubbing unsuccessfully, I remembered something I had seen somewhere (Pinterest I'm sure) called Tub and Shower Magic.  Since I got the idea in my head, I just had to try it.  I already had the ingredients on hand, and it's so easy that I remembered how to make it from memory.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and Dawn dish detergent (OK, so I used Aldi brand Dawn.  Doesn't make any difference.)  I mixed 1 1/2 cups of each.  Heat the vinegar in the microwave first, then pour into a spray bottle.  Then pour in the Dawn.  Shake gently to mix.

It works just like any other cleaner.  I sprayed the inside of my shower doors with the Magic, scrubbed with a scrub brush, and then rinsed.  It's a little hard to see the difference in my pictures, but take a look:



So you can somewhat see how it took the nasty soap scum off my shower doors.  I am pretty excited about this because in the past, nothing has worked.  I have tried my regular bathroom cleaners, I have scrubbed them with a Magic Eraser, and I have even tried making some other "miracle" cleaners that did nothing.  It was super easy to make, and who would have known that mixing two common household cleaners would solve all of our soap scum problems?


  1. Some home made chemicals can be quite dangerous, so just make sure next time to search up if the combo your using could be at all harmful. That would be terrible!! But still, I love finding household solutions.

    -Irwin Zinkin
    Shower Doors Nassau County

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