Monday, March 19, 2012

Save Unused Napkins from Restaurants

Whenever we go out to eat, we end up with way too many napkins.  Whether we pick up fast food or are at a restaurant, we end up with a huge pile of napkins.  I don't know if they assume because we have a 3 year old we will need them, but we have always gotten a huge pile of napkins wherever we go to eat, even before we had a child. 
I used to just throw the extra napkins away with the fast food bag, or leave them on the table if it was a sit-down restaurant.  But then I thought, Why do I buy napkins at the store and then throw these perfectly good napkins away?  Maybe in the back of my mind, I thought I was stealing if I put the napkins we didn't use in my purse.  But the truth is, if you leave unused napkins on the table at a restaurant, they will most likely throw them away. (And to be honest, I hope they do.  If someone doesn't eat their sandwich, do they re-serve it to another customer?  Something about it just doesn't seem sanitary to me!) 
So I started saving unused napkins.  I started doing it about 5 or 6 years ago and I haven't had to buy napkins ever since.  And we really don't go out to eat that much.  Okay, more than I would like to admit, but not that much.  I know sometimes it's easier to just throw them away, but before you do, think about how wasteful it is.  You can easily stick those napkins in your purse or pocket and I guarantee you will need them, possibly even before you get home!  I encourage you to try it.  By saving unused napkins from restaurants, you are saving money and being green at the same time.

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