Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Ways to Save on Childrens' Birthday Parties

I have been having so much fun planning the princess party for Angie and her cousin Emily.  I always wanted a princess party for my birthday, so I am living vicariously through them!  As fun as the planning is, it can get pretty expensive.  Sure, you can go get all kinds of store-bought supplies.  Party City has a couple of aisles worth of kids' themed birthday party supplies.  But as I was planning, a light bulb turned on above my head.  Angie already has all kinds of princess stuff.  Why not use it for the party instead of buying stuff?  If your kid likes something enough to use it as a theme for their birthday party, they probably have a lot of stuff that you can use.  So here are 5 ideas for party supplies using stuff you already have, costing you absolutely nothing.

1.) Toys or ceramics as table decorations

Angie has lots of princess dolls that we can set up on the table.  It also happens that I have been a fan of the Disney princesses long before I had a daughter, so I have a few princess snow globes that will make great decorations.  If your child likes Sesame Street, you can set up their stuffed animals on the table.  If they like Bob the Builder, lay their play tools on the table.  You get the idea.

2.) Small toys as cake toppers

Angie has these small princess figurines that she plays with in her dollhouse.  I am going to use them to decorate the castle cake that I will be making (after I wash them of course).  There are a lot of options.  They make small plastic figurines of all kinds of toys, so I'm sure your child has something you can use.

3.) Bedsheets as a tablecloth
If your child has bedsheets that fit the birthday party theme, they would make a great tablecloth.  We don't have princess sheets so I don't have that option, but I wish we did!

4.) Posters as wall decorations

This princess picture has been hanging in Angie's room since she was a newborn.  For the party, I am going to move the family picture that we have hanging over the table and temporarily replace it with this picture.  If your kid has a poster or picture that fits the party theme, make use of it!

5.) Toys as games
Be creative and use any toys or games that fit the party theme as party games.  Maybe your child has a video game related to the party theme.  Or a board game.  If it's a sports theme, that makes it really easy.  Just get the sports equipment out and have the kids play for prizes.  There will only be 3 kids at our party, and they are ages 3, 3 and 5 so I haven't decided for sure if we will do any games, but I have some ideas if we do. =)

I previously posted some other birthday decoration ideas you might be interested in.  Check out my birthday candle holder and birthday wreath!

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