Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remote Control Basket out of Silverware Caddy

Somehow, we keep accumulating more and more remote controls.  And you can never find the one you need.  They are always scattered all over, cluttering up my living room.  They usually look something like this:
Actually, you're lucky if you find them all together like this.  I decided that we needed a place to keep the remotes, other than just laying on the couch or the end table.  I know they have little rotating cubes that you can buy for them, but that didn't quite seem right.  I already had some baskets around the house, and I thought about using those, but that didn't seem right either.  Then I started thinking, what about something with a section for each remote?  Then I thought, what about those baskets that people use to take silverware to picnics?  Perfect!  Well, I didn't actually have one since we very rarely go on picnics (something I wouldn't mind changing), so I went in search of one.  I knew I could count on Target.  They always have stuff like that, and they always have plenty of cute and stylish options to choose from.  They had 3 or 4 different ones to choose from, so I picked this one:
And now my remote controls are nice and neat in their home!

Now the only problem is making sure they always get put away in their home so we can always find them.  I'm not sure how to make that happen, other than threaten to smack the person who moves it with the remote when I find it!

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