Saturday, January 28, 2012

Built-In Potty Seat

No, this isn't something I made but it's something I had to share.

This week, the toilet seat in our hallway bathroom finally broke.  Probably from opening and closing it so many times to dump the potty chair out, flush, and say, "Bye bye, pee pee!" 
So off to Home Depot we went.  We walked down the toilet seat aisle and found this:

Yes, that's a toilet seat with a little person potty seat built right in.  Pretty cool, huh?  Well, I know I was excited about it.  We have both the stand-alone potty chair and the potty seat that you can put over the toilet seat, but this just makes so much more sense.  To be honest, I am hoping that we can be done with the potty chair ASAP.  It gets in the way, and it just grosses me out having to pour it into the toilet every time.  But, if it's what Angie needs to learn, then we'll tolerate it for now. 
Home Depot has them available here.  But it looks like they are only available in the store.
I like this built-in version of a regular toilet seat much better because you don't have to keep putting the seat over the toilet and taking it off every time your child goes to the potty.  Besides, the ones that you put over the toilet seat don't seem to fit very well and they always jiggle when they sit on it.  And we can use this even after we are done potty training.  We can use it as long as Angie stays little.  Which I hope will be for a long, long time.

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