Sunday, January 22, 2012

Checkered Ribbon Shirt

I got the inspiration for this project from a weaved ribbon purse that I made many years ago.  I started thinking about making some other type of clothing or accessory with the same technique.  Making a shirt entirely out of weaved ribbon just seemed like overkill to me.  Not to mention it would look way tacky.  But then I got the idea of weaving ribbons into the shirt itself, but just doing it on a small part of the shirt so it wouldn't be too loud. 
I made this project a few months ago before I started this blog, so I don't have step-by-step pictures, but I think that my instructions speak for themselves.

I bought a plain, long-sleeved cotton t-shirt from Old Navy to use for this project.  Other materials I used were 5/8 inch black ribbon, 1/4 yard of fusible interfacing, a rotary cutter and ruler, a cutting board, an iron, and a sewing machine.

I started by trying on the shirt and figuring out exactly where I wanted the ribbon design to end.  You don't want to start the project and then realize that it cuts you right across the bust.  Then I put the cutting board on the inside of the shirt.  Using the rotary cutter, I began to cut across the front of the shirt very carefully.  Since I was using 5/8 inch ribbon, I made the cuts 5/8 inch apart.  I did this all the way up to the top of the shirt. 
Once I was done making the cuts, I slipped the fusible interfacing between the cutting board and the front of the shirt.  It makes it a lot easier to have it already in there once you are ready to iron everything in place.
Then I began weaving the ribbon through the cuts I made, making sure to push them together tightly as I went along.  Once I had ribbons woven in all the way across, I put a towel over the shirt to protect it, and ironed it all together (with the fusible interfacing still on the back). 
After ironing on the fusible interfacing, there were still a few sections that needed to be sewn together.  Just look to see where there are still "holes" in your shirt that need to be sewn up.  You can use either a sewing machine or a needle and thread. 

When you need to wash the shirt, put it inside a delicates bag or pillow case and wash it on the delicates or hand wash cycle.  Hang to dry.

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