Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lotion Bottle Cell Phone Holder

I first saw something like this posted on Pinterest, but when I tried to follow the link, it just took me to a picture without instructions.  So I decided to make one on my own.  It didn't seem too hard to figure out, and it wasn't!  This is a holder for your cell phone to use while you charge it.  It's made out of an empty plastic bottle.  I used this empty baby lotion bottle, but you could probably use pretty much any type of bottle.

You can start by throwing away the cap.  You won't need it, and if anything it will just get in the way.  Rinse the bottle thoroughly with warm water.  Then peel off the labels.  You can use a hair dryer to get the labels to peel off more easily.  Trust me, it's nearly impossible to take them off without it. 
Then you will have a plain, clean bottle.
Using a pen, trace around the top of the bottle like so:
This is the back view.  Draw a straight line across the front.  It helps to use a ruler or straight edge.
Then use a strong pair of scissors to cut along the lines.  Once you have cut the piece out, draw a square shape in the center of the tab sticking up at the top.  Cut that piece out too.  Now you should have something like this:

Choose a fabric scrap that you like and/or coordinates with your decor.  This is what I picked out of my scrap fabric box:
This is right about when my camera battery died, and I had camera issues from then on, even after I charged my battery.  So I would have had more pictures, but I had to settle for the ones I already took plus a "finished" pic.  Anyway, take a brush and some Mod Podge and brush Mod Podge all over the bottle.  Wrap the fabric around the bottle as tightly as possible.  Work with the ends, smoothing them down.  Let the glue dry.  Using more Mod Podge, work the ends around the bottom, gluing as you go.  You may have to hold the ends in place for a little while as the glue is drying.  Take your scissors and cut the fabric around the edges of the plastic, cutting as close as possible to the plastic edges.  I would recommend Mod Podging at least one layer over the fabric when you are done.

Here is the before:

Here is the after:

Nice, huh?  It keeps your cell phone up off the floor, and it looks pretty at the same time.  You can't ask for much more than that!

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