Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recycled Plastic Bag Bib

Here is another way to reuse those plastic grocery/shopping bags.  I had previously posted instructions for recycled plastic grocery bag washcloths and recycled plastic grocery bag totes, but this project does not require any knitting, only sewing.  So as long as you have minimal sewing skills, you shouldn't have any problems making this.

Start by finding 3 plastic bags.  But here's the catch:  they have to be #4 plastic bags.  To find out if it is #4, look for a recycling symbol somewhere on the bag.  There should be a #4 inside the recycle symbol.  Most plastic grocery bags will be #2.  But look around, not just at grocery bags, but any disposable plastic bag.  I discovered that the bags they put the Door Store in are #4, and the bags the phone book came in are #4.  Anyway, here's a hint:  Target bags are #4.  And they have a cool pattern too, which makes them perfect for this project.

Here's what you will need:
3 #4 plastic bags
parchment paper
pen or marker
bias tape
coordinating thread
stick-on Velcro

I recommend fusing the bags next to an open window or other open space.  It has been so cold out lately that I just did it in my garage.

Step 1:  Smooth out the first bag.  Then cut off the handles and the bottom.  Repeat with the other 2 bags.  Then smooth them out so there are no folds.

Step 2:  Layer the 3 bags on top of each other.  Tear 2 pieces of parchment paper the same length as the bags and sandwich the bags in between the paper.

Step 3: Set your iron on a low setting.  Iron the bags, making sure that the parchment paper is covering them at all times.  Keep the iron moving and iron all sections of the bags.  Peel the parchment paper back to see if the bags are fused; if not, keep ironing until fused.
Here is what they look like once they are fused.  The picture doesn't really show it very well, but you will see once you are done ironing your bags.

Step 4: Place a bib that you already have on top of the fused bags and trace around it with a pen or marker. Cut out the bib.

Side note:  My "pattern" bib extended past the material, so I used a ruler to make the sides straight instead of rounded.

Step 5: Sew bias tape around the edges of the bib.  Put stick-on Velcro on each side of the neck.
Optional: You can cut out a little pocket to catch crumbs.  Sew bias tape on the top edge and then sew onto the bib as you are sewing the bias tape around the edge.

Easy Peasey!

Now you have a one of a kind bib for your child or to give as a gift. 

Care instructions:  Not machine washable.  Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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