Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keep Ice Cream Fresh

Don't you hate when you get a container of ice cream out of the freezer and it has that nasty freezer burn on it?  If you don't eat ice cream every day (which you really shouldn't) this will inevitably happen.

I saw this idea on a TV show years ago... I can't even remember which one.  I'm thinking it was Rachael Ray but I'm not sure.  Anyway, all you need is some plastic wrap.  Before you put the ice cream back in the freezer, put a piece of plastic wrap over it.  But make sure you push it right up against the ice cream, kind of like a protective skin.

Now you can put it away and not worry about it getting those freezer crystals on it.  You can leave it in the freezer as long as you want and it will stay fresh!

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