Sunday, January 22, 2012

Soap Dish Repurposed into Ipod Case

Lately I have had this fascination with finding new uses for containers.  Whether it's reusing an old jar or container for something new, or using a container for something other than its intended use, I absolutely love it.  My husband got me a new Ipod Touch Nano for Christmas.  It is really nice, and great for working out because you can clip it to your clothes.  I also got some new ear buds for it, and I never really used them before.  With my old ipod, I would normally plug it directly into the car or treadmill speakers.  So I was thinking I needed some kind of case or holder for it.  I wanted to protect it when it's in my purse, and I also worry about it getting lost since it's so much smaller than my old ipod.  Rather than giving in to temptation and buying this really cool Vera Bradley ipod case I found, I made my own.  For $0.94, I bought this travel soap dish at Walmart which is the perfect size for my ipod and the ear buds.

Yes, the Vera Bradley one would have been cool to have, but I just saved myself $15 plus shipping.  And I can take pride in knowing I came up with a cool way to repurpose a travel soap dish.

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